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Here is my family tree; you will see that there are many missing details; if your last name is Kovnat or Kovnator you might be distantly related to me.
Zelig-Yosel Kovnator married a woman named Sara, they lived in Lyutsin, Latvia, now Ludza. Their children were Leivic, Boruch, Dovid (David), Yisroel, Roch-Itke (a woman), Dobke (a woman), and Esther. Leivic’s children were Yisroel (aka Sam), Noah, Elie (aka Alex), Golde, Temke (aka Lila), and Sorke (aka Sonia). I do not know whether any of these people had descendants.

Boruch married Seine Welkoff and had some children – Itse-Chiam (aka Hyman, born 1890), Sorke (Sonia, born 1892), Elya (Alex) 1885-1934), Sliome (Solomon), Liebe (1899-1908), Dode (aka David born 1902), and Wolfke (aka Wolf or William, born 1894). I do not know whether Itse-Chiam had any descendants. Sorke married Mendel Zilberbrant and they moved to Vilani (maybe Vilne/Vilnius Lithuania?). Their children were/are Kalman (a man) and Busia (a woman). I do not know whether these two people have any descendants. Elye (Alex) married Tanya Druian (she died in 1962); their children are Irving Kovnat my grandfather, still lliving, born 1921; and Richard (1928-1961 had a heart attack and died 2 months before he would have been 33). My Grandfather married Rosanne Rubin, born 1924; their children are my father, Alexander Kovnat (born 1949), and Susan (born 1952) . Susan has 3 children – Ryan, Gregory, and Brett Dorn.

Richard married a woman named Lillian and their children are Carl and Helene. I don’t know them and I don’t know whether they have any descendants.

Back to Boruch Kovnator’s children, Sliome (Solomon) – I don’t know whether he had descendants, Dode (David) married a woman named Anna and their children are Robert and Melvin – I have no clue about whether they have any descendants; and as for Wolfke ((Wolf or William), I don’t know whether he had any descendants.

Back to Zelig-Yosel’s children, Dovid (David) was not poor, and moved to Chicago, and that is all I know about him and I don’t know much about anyone else here either – he married a woman named Chaye-Pese and their children were Rachke, Toibke, and Sorele. I don’t know whether these three people had any descendants.

Back to Zelig-Yosel’s children again, Yisroel had a boy and a girl, I don’t know their names or whether they had any descendants or anything about them yet.

Back to Zelig-Yosel’s children yet again, Roch-Itke (a woman), married Aron-Yakov Dryer, and their children were Teme-Leike, Chiam-Berke, a girl who I don’t know her name, Shayl, a boy who I don’t know the name, and Toybke (Tanya). I don’t know anything abot these people yet and I don’t know whether they had descendants.

Back to Zelig-Yosel’s children again, Dobke (a woman), never married and we can safely assume she never had any descendants, since at that time, having children without being married was rare.

Back to Zelig-Yosel’s children again, Esther also never married.

I also have a 43 page memoir written by a Great, Great uncle who died in 1986 which migh tbe of interest if you think you are distantly related to me.


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