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The Columbus Sports Scene


Everybody who wants to have something to talk about with their family and friends which is guaranteed to be clean and neutral and conflict free will want to look up information about and follow some sport(s) teams. I’ll start with just a summary of the 3 professional teams in Columbus: the Columbus Blue Jackets, Clippers, and Crew.


The Blue Jackets are a major league hockey team. By “major league,” I mean the blue Jackets are part of the National Hockey League (NHL). This is the only NHL team in Ohio. In 1997 efforts were begin to bring a professional baseball, basketball, football, or hockey team to Columbus. Nationwide insurance company built Nationwide Arena to attract a pro hockey team to Columbus. The Blue Jackets were started in March 2000. They play in Nationwide Arena, which opened in September 2000 in the arena district in Columbus. They are playing against the Detroit Red Wings on August 23rd at 7:00 in Columbus. Unfortunately as of today the Blue Jackets are 15th place in the Western Conference. There are 30 teams total, 15 in each of the Western and Eastern Conferences. There have been 82 games so far and they only won 29 games and only got 65 points. The next lowest team in the conference is Edmonton – they won 32 games and got 74 points. Detroit is in 5th place in the Western Conference – they won 48 games and got 102 points. I have no clue how the sports sites are figuring out their rankings because it looks like Phoenix is in 3rd place and won 42 games and 97 points but Nashville won 48 games and 104 points.


Columbus also has the Columbus Crew Major League Soccer team. They play at Crew stadium which was opened in May 1999 and is the first stadium in the country mainly built just for a soccer team. The Crew played their first game in April 1996. Since soccer is the last sport I’m going to follow, for now at least I’m going to skip discussing the Crew.


The third team is the Columbus Clippers. They are a minor league baseball team, part of the International league, which is one level below the major league teams. They are the Triple-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. They play in Huntington Park in the arena district in Columbus. It opened in April 2009. The international league has 14 teams in certain states in the eastern part of the country and none outside the country but at one time there was a team in Ottawa Canada but not anymore. I wasn’t even paying attention to baseball in the last few years, but according to somebody’s Wikipedia article, “Columbus defeated the Tacoma Rainiers 12–6 on September 21, 2010, to win the Triple-A Baseball National Championship Game. On September 16, 2011, the team won back-to-back Governors’ Cup championships for the first time since 1992 by defeating the Lehigh Valley IronPigs 3 games to 1 in the best-of-five series.On September 20, 2011 the Clippers defeated the Omaha Storm Chasers in the Triple-A Baseball National Championship Game to win their second consecutive AAA baseball title.”

The team started in 1977. Before that there had been 3 other minor league teams in Columbus at different times starting in 1888. Columbus is currently in 3rd place out of the 4 teams in the International League West division – as of today the Clippers won 64 games and lost 59 games. I don’t know enough yet to know what the other team statistics mean yet.

There also is a pro Lacrosse team called the Ohio Machine which plays at a stadium at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware Ohio which is in the middle of the county just north of the county Columbus is in. There are 8 teams in Major League Lacrosse. I didn’t even know what lacrosse was until a few days ago but it looks interesting enough that I wouldn’t mind watching a game. The MLL season goes from late April or Early May to August. 14 games were played so far and Ohio is the lowest team – they only won 2 games.

I might tell you more if you want when or when I get a spare moment and I think of it.

Don’t read any more of this blog because half of it is shit I don’t want anybody to see anymore or that I don’t mean anymore.


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