Why I will never pay for a woman on a date   Leave a comment

I will never pay for a woman on a date. I would have a woman and me first meet at a park where no money will be spent. Consider the following:
-A gold digger is a woman who tries to just use men for free entertainment or free stuff.
-I was complete equality. Consider that in the past there was a time when women would not vote, work outside their home, or own property. Her father was her guardian, until she got married, and then her husband was like her guardian. A woman depended on her husband for all her supplies and needs. In the year 2014, a women can work outside the home/ earn her own money, and women can do almost everything men can do, at least in most countries. In many Arab or Muslim countries, women almost can’t do anything without permission from her male guardian (husband, father, brother, male relative). In the United Arab Emirates, women are not allowed to drive a car. But of course I know that all of these attitudes are retarded. I want complete equality between men and women. I want a woman who seems like a well-functioning adult, not like a kid who can’t take care of herself. I will not let a woman just use me for free stuff or free entertainment. Either our date is not going to cost money, or she is going to pay her share of the costs. Similarly I should have to pay my share of the costs.
-I want a woman who will really, really like me. A woman’s liking me is something no amount of money can buy. You cannot pay somebody to like you.
-I am not competing with other men to see which man is the best provider. I do not want to be a woman’s provider. (I do not want to be her platonic friend either). A well- functioning woman does not need or want a man to be her provider. A date has to pay her fair share to show she really likes me and is not a gold digger. I want a woman who seems like a well-functioning adult. This mean she does not live with her parents, earns her own money, drives, and we accept each other as equals. Me having to pay for her would be the opposite of equality. Her expecting me to pay would make me think of her as like a little kid and me like her guardian. Little kids do not drive, earn money, vote, own property, or have sex! I will not be like a woman’s guardian or provider. And the concept of chivalry in relationships is bullshit. You see, the reason I am a man instead of a woman and she a woman instead of a man is due to pure genetic accident. It is inherently immoral or evil to expect me to pay for a woman just because I happen to be a man (due to pure genetic accident). I would hold a door open for a woman or carry something for her briefly, but I will never let myself pay for a woman.


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